Wake me up: Lumie Bodyclock GO 75


One of my aims when I moved into my new house was to sort out my waking up in the morning. This aim was part logistical as I’m now living slightly further from my work and have more of a bathroom schedule in the morning to consider. But really the main reason for wanting to change and improve my waking habits is the fact that in my old place it got to the point where I was rolling out of bed in a sleepy stupor ten minutes before I had to leave the house. Not a great start to the day, rushing around unorganised never being quite ready or finished before I had to be somewhere.

Before I moved I spent a few nights sleeping in my room without curtains and found that in the mornings I was waking up naturally very early, feeling refreshed and ready for the day. This experience convinced me that I really wanted to get a Lumie wakeup lamp. Basically the lamp emulates a sunrise gradually waking you up based on the settings you programme. For example say you set your alarm for 7am the light will start to come on from 20, 30 or 45 minutes before. Alongside this with the GO 75 model you can set certain sounds for when the alarm goes off, I personally prefer birdsong. One of my favourite features of the lamp is the sunset mode. I love getting into bed, setting the sunset time, 30 minutes in my case and gradually winding down to sleep as the light dims. This feature stops you faffing about in bed and losing loads of time doing unnecessary things.

Lumie lamps are not cheap, which has been the main factor in my decision to buy one. The GO 75 currently currently retails at £75, when I bought mine Boots had a 10% discount on them, so that was really the push I needed. Though if you buy the lamp from the Lumie site that have a 30 day trial, so if you decide the lamp is not for you then you can send it back and get a refund.

How I feel using the lamp is completely different to how I thought it would work. In my head I guessed there would be some initial awareness of the lamp first coming on, but most mornings I’ve woke up, the light is on with me and it’s felt more of a fluid process. Initially I had to change the location and placement of the lamp as if I was sleeping on a certain side I wasn’t that aware of the lamp.The main change that I’ve noticed since using this lamp is how I feel when I wake up in the morning. Before using the lamp I would snooze my alarm for between 30-45 minutes and feel like I wanted to sleep more and feel physically unable to get out of bed. Now when I wake up I feel I can get straight out of bed and don’t feel like I want to go back to sleep.

I feel coming into Spring is not the best time to test the lamp as most mornings when I wake up it’s light outside and as I’m still sleeping with the blinds open my room is naturally light when I wake up. Though since the clocks have changed  it’s slightly darker in the mornings I have noticed I feel more groggy in the mornings, I’m hoping this is because of the seasonal change and I will get used to it in a week or two, but I am very worried and curious about how well the lamp will work on a dark, depressing Winter morning.

Qualms I have with this model are, the fact that you can’t adjust the sound levels of the wake up sounds, I know that this is a feature of the next model up and maybe that’s what you pay for, but a gradual wake up light followed by a really loud alarm doesn’t seem so natural to me. I know people do complain that the menu settings for the lamp are rather frustrating, but the instruction videos that Lumie do are really useful and following that I had no problems.

Overall I am really pleased with this purchase as I got what I wanted from it; the ability to get up more easily in the morning and have more time for myself before I have to leave the house. I know other factors have contributed to realising this goal, but the Lumie is definitely a key part of my wake up process.

Lumie use



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