I got my first roll of Diana mini film back the other day. I was rather disappointed that 10 of my pictures didn’t turn out as they were underexposed, but the ones that did turn out I really liked. The pictures were mainly taken in Tarragona, which is a port town about an hour away from Barcelona. It’s a beautiful place with a lovely cathedral and cobbled streets. A great spot for a wander and lunch if you fancy getting out of Barcelona.

0820_0010821_0010819_0010817_001All the tips I have read about the Diana have said that the best results come from shooting on a bright sunny day and this is definitely true. See the picture below I took of the swimming pool below for evidence of this.0814_001
One of the best features of the camera is the half frame option which is pretty self explanatory giving you a split picture.0813_001 0810_001 0809_001Though the best thing about the Diana is the ‘happy accidents’ no idea how the photo below came about, but I love it!0812_001I really like the fact that the pictures look quite aged like they were taken in the 80’s and at the minute I’m definitely more interested in using film cameras as opposed to digital ones. These pictures were taken with 400 ISO film, which I will be using again while I get used to using the camera and mastering different techniques. I will be paying more attention to the focal length setting I use in the future, obviously the point is not to get super sharp results, but I’m keen to see what kind of a difference it makes. I also want to experiment more with double exposures.




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