Pink Martini at the Brighton Dome


Last week me and my lovely friend Hülya went to see Pink Martini. To those of you who don’t know Pink Martini are a 10 piece band hailing from Portland, Oregon. When people ask me what their music is like I find it really hard to describe them, the easiest way to sum them up is to say they are an international jazz orchestra who make lounge music that you can salsa to for one song then coolly sip a gin and tonic for the next one. My favourite thing about them is that they have songs in all different languages from Italian to French to Turkish despite the fact that the singer, China Forbes only speaks fluently one language.

I discovered the band one day years ago because I was googling Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello and Pink Martini’s song ‘Hey Eugene’ came up in the search results. I gave it a listen, liked it and got one of their albums which I periodically listen to on my ipod. For me personally they are a band I dip into occasionally but for Hülya they are her favourite band and very special to her, so when they announced last October that they were coming to Brighton I immediately knew what to get Hülya for her birthday.

After months of waiting the date for seeing them finally came around and last Tuesday we put on our best dresses and made our way to the Brighton Dome. Honestly I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did, but the best gigs are the ones that take you by surprise and give you more than you were hoping for. What made it for me was that the band were so relaxed and just seemed to be having so much fun. When a member of the audience shouted a song request they got her on stage to sing as China wasn’t sure she could remember all the words as they hadn’t played that song for years. I also loved that they encouraged people to get onto stage and dance to their songs which is really what they are meant for. When we first arrived I was worried that the audience would be a bit too wooden and not get into it, but the conga line at the end cast any doubts away that I had.

For me the best part was the encore when Rufus Wainwright came on stage, yes RUFUS WAINWRIGHT *swoon* for their latest album they have done a duet and they performed it together before ending the set with a cover of ‘Get Happy’ then we went to a signing after the concert and met the band. Perfect night.

I’m off to slip on a ball gown, sip a cocktail and dance around the room with Pink Martini as my soundtrack.
pink martini with ticketspink martini on stagehulya with signed copy


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