Weekend highlights






20130422-100436.jpgIt’s amazing what a difference the sun makes. This week the weather has finally got more Spring like, which has woken up Brighton and me from Winter hibernation. Instead of staying in watching films and trying to keep warm I’ve been out and about socialising pretty much the whole weekend and what great fun it was too.

Highlights include having a manicure, something I nearly never do, but I had a voucher so decided to use it this weekend. A cold beer followed (just making sure my nails were dry) then we got down to some serious pie making as we were having friends over for dinner. I made a cheese and onion pie for the main event and Daniël tackled a banoffee pie for dessert, his first time making pie I must add. Despite being thoroughly stuffed we managed to fit in a late-night showing of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ at our local cinema. Sunday was a lazy day with a long lie in followed Sunday jobs (washing and food shopping) but rewarded with coffee and a good catchup with my friend Sally. A really lovely and chilled out weekend which we rounded off the weekend with a large gin and tonic.


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