Easter seems a long time ago now, but over the break after visiting friends and family in the Netherlands we decided to go to Gent (or Ghent as us Brits say) in Belgium for a few days. I love going to Belgium, I went for the first time last year to Antwerp and really love the chilled out vibe there. When we go the visit usually revolves around trying as many different Belgian beers as possible, eating frites (chips), waffles, chocolate and wandering round the city with no set agenda.

Getting to another country on a train within three hours is still a novelty for me, especially as it is so easy, quick and comparatively cheap! We arrived in Gent in the evening on Easter Sunday and went straight to our hotel. After dropping our bags off we headed into the city to find traditional food and BEER! I love my fruit beers, or girly beer as Daniël likes to call them and could have happily drank cherry beer all weekend. But in an attempt to take advantage of all the different beers on offer we decided not to have the same beer twice all weekend. Beforehand I did a bit of research and read about Het waterhuis aan de bierkant  a cafe which serves over 100 types of beer. For me that is too much of a selection and I got Daniël to order me something at the bar, luckily he came back with a Kwak. I wish we could have spent more time here, but we had we were going to the cinema, so could only manage a quick drink here, but it’s definitely the kind of place where you could have spent the whole day ‘sampling’ the beers. If you’re interested we went to see Sightseers a film I missed at the cinema over here and really enjoyed watching.

We planned on visiting a few museums, the museum of psychiatry looked particularly interesting, but as all the museums were closed on Monday and we had to leave around lunchtime on the Tuesday we didn’t actually get to any. We were just happy sleeping in, having good food and walking round the city.  We did manage to make it along to St Bavos Cathedral, where the famous painting ‘The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’ is housed. This is a bit of a tourist hotspot and gets quite busy. It’s free to go round the cathedral, but to see the painting you have to pay  in.

frites                                                                                                        Frites with andalouse sauce

Fiona with cocktail                                                                                       Caipirinha and DVD browsing.

gent from river                                                                               Riverside in Gent

shoes online                                                                                       Shoes on a line!

Fiona on bridge in Gent                                                                                   St Michael’s bridge.

beers in Gent                                                                                The best beer I had: Omer.

chocolate                                                                                   Probably shouldn’t eat it all…

Please be aware that after constantly eating frites, chocolate and good beer you may end up looking and feeling like this! The effects of overindulgence.

unhappy Fiona


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  1. Recently been to Ghent and was really impressed – I think it beats Brussels in many ways as you can easily wander about with hardly any busy roads to cross and its mainly cobbled streets, and of course the beers are one of the main attractions as well!

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