Lucky Voice, Brighton


I am not usually a fan of karaoke, I live in a house of massive karaoke fans and have been subjected to five hours of karaoke before including a Disney themed hour in the past. It’s not that they’re bad singers in fact quite the opposite they are all great singers which makes it worse for pitchless me who can’t hold a note as I have to sing after a near note perfect version of Adele. Since then karaoke has been rather joyless for me, so when my friend Kyle suggested going to Lucky Voice  I was less than enthusiastic, but as it was his leaving party and I think he is pretty cool I decided to go.

The first surprise of the night was that we didn’t have to pay for the hire of the booth, as we were going on a Wednesday night and the majority of our party were students we got the hire for free, coupled with two for one cocktails even before the singing started I was already having a good night. Having been to a couple of booth style karaoke bars before I was surprised by how large the room was that we were given, usually they are really poky with no room to dance but this room comfortably got eight of us in with plenty of extra space. Plus there was a fantastic dressing up box with with wigs and inflatable microphones which we all made use of.

The good thing about these booths is that you never really feel like you are in the spotlight and all eyes are on you, you can change the light settings, get the glitterball going or just chill and take in whats going on, all of which provides a more relaxing atmosphere. There are several microphones so people can sing at the same time and it feels like it’s designed to be a more collaborative effort. Though I did sing my karaoke classic ‘I love to hate you’ by Erasure. It’s what I always sing, I know all the words and even though I can’t get the high notes I don’t care.

We all had so much fun and were genuinely disappointed when we were cut off mid ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ as our two hours had run out. Though past experience tells me it’s best to end on a high note than a Disney themed hour. We all stumbled out of Lucky Voice had a parting gin n tonic at the Cricketers then happily made our way home (via Subway). A surprisingly good night.

dressup boxfiona and hetty 2confused Kylehetty and kyle singingKyle and fiona


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