Naming day


Last weekend we went to London to attend the naming ceremony of my odd (yes, odd) daughter Matilda.  A naming ceremony is similar to a Christening, but there are no religious elements, and it is less formal, it was held in my friend’s house with close friends’ and family attending. The ceremony was conducted by a humanist celebrant, a lovely man called Denis who guided us through the ceremony of naming Matilda.

Denis said some words about Matilda then invited each of the odd parents to do a reading. I was the first up reading Sunscreen (made famous by Baz Luhrmann) I was pretty nervous, but once I got into the flow of the poem it was fine. After all the readings were done Matilda’s parents and odd parent swore to look after her then we all blew bubbles over her, drank fizzy wine and ate cake. We bought over some special sprinkles from the Netherland’s that you have on crackers when a new baby is born, they symbolize good luck and fertility apparently.

While the celebrations were going on I went around taking a picture of all of the guests and getting them to write a message for Matilda to read in the future. This was lots of fun for me to do and limited my wine guzzling, by the end of the day I was wiped out, so we were happy to go and stay with a friend who lived close by, have a take away and play card games.

Becky and MatildaGroup shotodd parentsMatildaOwens sisterdutch treats

The next day we met our friend Amy in Holborn. We know Amy from Tokyo when she was working in the hostel Daniël and I were staying at, which was also where I met Daniël. Amy is now working in London, so it’s nice for all of us to meet up from time to time to have fun together and explore new places.  Our plan was to visit the cartoon museum, but we decided to have a snack beforehand, wandering in the general direction of the museum we decided to stop at any place that caught our eye, then we saw it….

my old dutch sign

A Dutch pancake house, we didn’t even need to speak as we all crossed the street in unison and headed in.  We ordered  poffertjes, which are Dutch mini pancakes, but they had run out so instead we got banana and caramel butter scotch pancakes and Amy had a sweet pancake with compote of berries. An oreo milkshake complemented the pancakes well and high on sugar we headed to the Cartoon Museum.

Daniel and coffeepancakeFiona and Amybanana pancakes

I didn’t even know that there was a Cartoon Museum in London, but it was certainly nice to visit it. This private museum is fairly small and focuses on the history and development of cartoon and comic books in the UK. There are references to some American comics but that is an aside. My favourite part of the museum was the special exhibition, ‘Trog’ which focuses on cartoons, caricatures and cartoon strips by Wally Fawkes and Humphrey Lyttelton. There were mainly political, satire comic strips that appeared in daily newspapers, so it was interesting to recall history in this way. I relate to images and captions much more easily than a long block of text so looking around the collection was an enjoyable experience for me whilst learning about the lives of these cartoonists and how they influenced the comic book scene. Unfortunately due to copyright we couldn’t take any pictures inside the museum, but I would urge you to pop along if you have a free afternoon.

cartoon museumFiona and Daniel at Cartoon museum


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