Black Forest Brownies


Whenever people ask me what my favourite thing to bake is I always reply ‘brownies’. You can knock up a batch in next to no time, they are pretty versatile and they taste delicious, even for breakfast, really try it. I’m more of a eat with a fork, extremely gooey brownie lover, but honestly I’ll take any offered to me.

I decided to make a quick batch at the weekend. As I couldn’t face leaving the house to venture out into the snow these were more store cupboard experimentation brownies, than anything planned. I diverted from my original brownie recipe which I really shouldn’t have done as they didn’t turn out as good as they usually do, so I have listed my usual ‘go-to’ recipe. I’ve added raspberries to my brownies before with great results, but as I didn’t have any in the house I added some frozen berries (cherries, blackberries and blueberries) and also substituted vanilla essence with Amaretto.

Black Forest Brownies
250g Butter
200g Dark Chocolate
200g Caster sugar
4 eggs (beaten)
200g plain flour
¼ tsp baking powder
2 tsp Amaretto
40g cocoa
Enough fresh or frozen berries to cover the mixture (roughly 250g)

Melt the butter and chocolate, I do this in a double boiler, but you can also use the microwave for this.

Add the sugar and beaten eggs alternatively, then add the Amaretto after.

In a separate bowl mix flour, cocoa and baking powder, sieve into mixture and fold in.

Pour into your greased and lined brownie tin.

Scatter the berries on top to cover the whole mixture. If you are using frozen, don’t worry about defrosting them.

I baked mine in the oven at gas mark 4 for about 40 minutes, but the rule is bake till they are sturdy, but have a bit of wobble.

Eat, share and enjoy.

scales and sugarbutter and chocolateeggsflour and chocoatebrownies


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