Aims and aspirations for the year


I know it’s late and everyone has done these posts already, but forgive me I need time to think and come up with some aims that I can really persevere with this year that will both challenge and inspire me, so here goes….

Learn some Dutch.

As I go out with a Dutch guy it’s got to the point where I have to try and learn some Dutch. Being realistic it’s a hard language to learn and for me the pronunciation is a nightmare, j’s in the middle of words and such like, but I’m going to give it a go. Even if by the end of the year I can only count to 10 and order a cup of coffee, that is more than I can say now. As there are no classes offered in Brighton I will endeavor to use my audio CD’s and online resources as well as encouraging Daniël to talk to me in Dutch.

52 Things

I started this year with the idea of participating in a 365 day photography challenge, after day three it became apparent that I wasn’t going to stick with it. Instead I’m trying something that I’ve seen on a few other blogs, a 52 week project, where I attempt to make one thing per week. In my case this is probably going to be of the baked variety, but I will try and keep things interesting. As I have started just this week with my plum chutney I have a few weeks to catch up on, but I should be able to even things out over the course of a year. My only limitation is that I can’t make anything I have previously made before.

 Learn a new skill

One thing I struggle with is dedicating myself to something and sticking with it. Though I am aware of this and if I set my mind to something I generally can achieve it. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet and inevitably may try a few things, but I hope by the end of the year I can do something that I can’t do now.

 Do some voluntary work

When I first moved to Brighton I was a mentor for a charity for two years and really enjoyed the experience. For a combination of reasons I had to give this up and haven’t done any volunteering for a while. I want to do something that helps other people which has no immediate benefit for me as I think it’s important to do something selfless every once in a while. Whether this be something on a regular basis or a few separate occasions I’m not sure yet.

Explore around me

I travel more than most, but there is so much in my local and immediate area that I haven’t explored yet and I feel that I am missing out. So each month I’m trying to organise a trip with friends to go and explore these places, whether it be a local walk, visiting a nearby village or simply going to a new exhibition I need to get out there and see all of these  places around me instead of fleeing the country at any given opportunity, though there will be plenty of that too.

I think these aims are enough to be getting on with and I aim to document them on this blog, so this year already looks like it will be more active than the last one. Let’s see how it all goes…


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