Belated New Year


The New Year feels strange as so far things don’t feel so different to the previous year. Though I really feel that I need to make a fair few changes in my life at the moment, so hopefully this will be the year to do them. I was thinking about it today and I think it is harder to make changes if things are just coasting along, if something was dramatically wrong then everyone would be keen to do whatever was necessary in order to see an improvement, but when things are just ok it seems harder. 

 I will doing a post shortly about aims and resolutions for this year, so I’m hoping that will help. Even though I didn’t complete all of my December aims (sad face) having them there at the back of my mind was encouraging and I did manage to keep some of them (socializing and baking).

 The Christmas period was quite strange for me this year as I didn’t feel particularly festive. A week or so before Christmas I fell ill with really bed tonsillitis and was bed ridden for about a week, so I missed lots of Christmas parties and lost some of my Christmas cheer. But things changed when I went to see my family for Christmas in Leicester, I love going home at Christmas, most of my time is spent on the sofa watching films and sleeping which is just what I need. Though I did do a spot of Christmas baking and managed a trip to Nottingham.

 A few days after Christmas Daniël and I flew to the Netherlands to spend time with his family and celebrate New Year there.  We had Oliebollen celebrated New year three times (Russian, NL and UK) and played card games until the sun rose. This year I have really come to love the Netherlands. This was my fifth trip this year and I feel like I am getting to know the place now, the language is a completely different matter though!

 My main objective for the moment is to try to be as proactive as possible and get as much from this year as I can.



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