Wednesday night fun for a fiver


Yes you heard me right, fun on a Wednesday night for a fiver. No I’m not talking about Orange Wednesday. I’m talking about sea kayaking! I’ve been sea kayaking for a couple of years now. When I first moved to Brighton I decided to have a go and have been enjoying it ever since. Brighton Watersports Centre doing a special Wednesday evening package where you can hire a kayak for an hour, complete with wet suit and life jacket and insurance. The session is unsupervised, but I have been with many friends who have never tried it before and they have picked it up fairly easily (just paddle straight). The kayaks you go out in are sit on tops, so they are lightweight, easy to paddle with and fairly stable. Though as they are sit on tops if the kayak was tipped over you would just fall out, you don’t have to worry about learning to do an Eskimo roll. I have never fallen out of these kayaks, but as a test yesterday when we were out on the water myself and some friends did a few drills to see how easy it would be to get back into the kayak if you fell out in deep water. We did two tests; falling out and getting back in the kayak whilst someone is holding your paddle and stabilising the kayak and falling out and getting back in the kayak with no assistance and no one to hold the paddle. On both occasions all three of us got back into the kayaks in with trouble.

Obviously this activity is weather dependent and due to the rather dubious Summer we have been having this is the first time I have been out this year. Though if the sun is shining and it is a Wednesday the Kayaking will be going ahead. Just book the day before or on the day then turn up at your alloted time. The staff there are very relaxed and friendly, they will even launch you out if there are a few waves.

Sea kayaking has many attractions for me personally, but seeing Brighton from the sea is one of my favourite sights, especially at dusk. It’s a great activity to do with friends and after a hot shower in the Watersports Centre you can have a cider and BBQ on the beach and feel smug that you have done some exercise whilst having a lot of fun.

One final tip, if you plan on taking a picture of yourself on the beach make sure the person taking the photo has the sun behind them!

Headless kayaking


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