When I first moved to Brighton over three years ago I was told about the Shakespeare’s Head pub* near Seven Dials, and it has always been on my radar to go there, but I haven’t really had the occasion to until now. A friend was visiting this weekend and informed me that we must eat as soon as she arrives, as said friend is pregnant I needed a place fairly close to the station that would serve a hearty meal. The Shakespeare’s Head is famous for its sausages and mash combo menu, basically there are a list of different types of sausages and mash and you choose the combination that is most appealing to your palette. My friend and I visited on a Sunday, unfortunately they were not serving the sausage menu, only roasts, so we made a compromise and ordered the veggie sausage roast.

I find roasts can sometimes be a bit hit and miss, especially if you are a veggie, but this one really hit the spot and of course the sausages were the high point of the meal. Having had many a veggie sausage in my time, I know a good one when I taste it and boy were these good. They were incredibly flavoursome, juicy and not too firm or squidgy.  There was a great variety and proportion of veggies (plenty of roast potatoes) served with lashings of gravy and a gigantic yorkshire pudding. The broccoli was cooked to perfection for me, I tend to like it a bit softer than most and we both cleaned up our plates pretty fast, hence the lack of pictures!

The pub is a good size with a front and back garden with seating. Roasts are very popular there and even though it was a dreary day the place was almost full. There is a good selection of beer and cider there, a pint of Thatcher’s Heritage really does complement a roast brilliantly. I definitely want to try the bangers and mash, so it won’t be long before I visit again… hmmmm sausages.

*Shakespeare’s Head, 1 Chatham Place, a few minutes from the Seven Dials roundabout. Our roasts were £9 each.


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