Milkshake on the seafront – yes please



   I can’t think of a better place to spend an evening than JB’s American diner* on the seafront, listening to rock n’ roll music, whilst being distracted by all the kitch American paraphernalia on the walls. I discovered this place when I first moved to Brighton as it was just down the road from my flat and used to spend hours in there drinking bottomless filter coffee. This week I have been there twice already and if I have friends visiting me I always try and take them here. It attracts a really diverse mixture of people, which is why I love it so much; families, couples on dates, tourists, friends hanging out, the list goes on. My favourite time to go is quite late in the evening on a week night during Winter, when it is not so busy, but still has a great atmosphere.  At those times I feel like i’m in a Murakami novel.

The jewel in the crown of this place for me is the milkshakes, they are divine. Thick and creamy with so much flavour, I literally devour them, what really stands out is the flavours available and the combinations you can get. They have around twelve favours and you can mix them up as much as you like. The milkshake in the picture is banana and caramel, in the past I have experimented with peanut butter and oreo cookies, cherry chocolate, mint and strawberry and many more. I REALLY like milkshake. If that wasn’t enough they also have special shakes which contain alcohol. Offer me a rum and brownie milkshake and I will not refuse.

Last night I said I would only have a milkshake and share it with a friend, this did not happen. I couldn’t resist the falafel burger and chips. Being a vegetarian diners and burger joints are not always the most  friendly places, but JB’s has a variety of veggie mains and appertizers and if you’re a meat eater, wow, go now and start working your way through the burger list, nom, nom, nom. Every Tuesday is buy one get one free on meals (except T-Bone and Porterhouse steak). I can’t guarantee I won’t be going there again this week.

* JB’s American Diner is located on the seafront (31 Kings Road). It’s open 10am – 10:30pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 10:30pm Saturday and Sunday.


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