Why here, why now?


So, I’ve been playing around with the idea of starting a blog for a few years, but never managed to find the time to actually put any plans into fruition. My main stumbling block was finding a focus for the blog. I have many different interests and considered it could merely serve as an outlet for all my creative projects and inane thoughts, but something didn’t feel right and though messy is an ethos I foster in many aspects of my life I felt there should be a theme running through my blog. Then it hit me, a travel blog.

I have been travelling independently since 2005. I even had a blog back then (www.getjealous.com/fee). I’m a little older and wiser now, but I have a bigger smile on my face. Visiting new places, making friends, enjoying good company, cultural experiences and being out of my comfort zone is something that drives me; makes me save up money to go on a weekend trip and fight through crippling tiredness because I got off a plane and went straight to work.

Though I love travelling I don’t always want to be running away from what is around me, which also ties into this blog too. I want to talk about all of my foreign experiences alongside my experiences here in the UK.

I currently live in Brighton, a city in the south east of England and to tell you the truth, it’s amazing. Despite living here over three years I’m never bored and regularly discover new places to go, eat, drink and be merry in.

So here I go, “Hello my name is Fiona and I am a travel blogger”.


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